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Five tips to help you choose the perfect lingerie

Fashion and Beauty
 A powerful wardrobe essential that’s often ignored is lingerie [Courtesy]

Inner confidence can always use that extra boost from external factors like what you wear. It’s been proven that your style choices can have a positive impact on how you feel about yourself.

A powerful wardrobe essential that’s often ignored is lingerie. Lingerie pieces have this sexy aura about them and if you’ve ever owned a few, you know how amazing they make you feel.

When you’re trying to figure out what type or lingerie to spoil yourself with, there can a bit of confusion. There are thousands of pieces out there and it’s hard to decide on which one will suit you best.

If you’re thinking of shopping for the perfect lingerie pieces for you, use these guidelines.

Know your measurements

Getting the perfect lingerie is worth it once you find what works for you but, the process is what’s so frustrating for most people. The fact that you can’t try them on makes it even harder for you to decide.

It would help to know what your specific measurements are so that you can avoid the disappointment of buying something that doesn’t fit you well. You can go for a fitting or do it yourself at home.

Try different brands

Every lingerie brand has its own unique qualities. Some have been made to suit certain body types and maybe where you have been shopping isn’t really where you should be looking.

The only way to know which brands accommodate you is through trial and error. You will find out how measurements vary depending on which brands you’ve tested, until you finally narrow down on your favorites.

 Lingerie is often unfairly associated with discomfort. But, it’s not that lingerie itself is uncomfortable because you will find that good quality pieces feel and fit better [Courtesy: Dreamgirl, left/ Knix, right]
Explore different designs

The world of lingerie can be very exciting, yet confusing at the same time. We often see trendy pieces that look good when they’re being advertised and rush to buy them without really thinking about what we would personally like.

Think about what would make you feel confident and sexy and go for that. You have so many designs to try out and you should focus more on what your personal style is instead of impulsively going for what is trending.

Don’t forget comfort

Lingerie is often unfairly associated with discomfort. But, it’s not that lingerie itself is uncomfortable because you will find that good quality pieces feel and fit better as compared to cheaper ones.

That is why it’s better if you shop for your pieces physically so that you can get a feel of the material and avoid those that look like they can constrict your body in an awkward way.

Have a few functional pieces

Lingerie can feel like a waste of money if you only stock up on pieces that you won’t get to wear as often.

However, you can still have a few that are comfortable enough to wear as undergarments. Your functional pieces can be your secret confidence booster.

You can also decide to look stylish at home by wearing some comfortable lingerie as loungewear because you deserve to feel cute at all times!

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