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How to soar in your career: Tips by Ogutu Okudo, Forbes 30 under 30

Career Tips
 Ogutu Okudo founder and CEO of Women in Extractives Africa (Photo: Instagram @ogutuokudo)

In her own words, Ogutu Okudo ‘is an energy and extractive expert and enthusiast’. The founder and CEO of Women in Extractives Africa, energy consultant and corporate executive has been at the forefront demystifying STEM careers. She’s been a beacon urging women to pursue these careers that were previously thought to be solely men’s careers.

In an interview on KTN Home’s Everyday Woman, Okudo shared her tips she has used that have propelled her into a career she hadn’t originally thought she could venture into and have permitted her to soar.

1. Chase your dreams

Don't let society limit who you want to be and what your conviction is. Chase your dreams fervently and passionately but also make sure you put in the hardwork behind it because that's a part not many people are willing to do.

 She has been at the forefront demystifying STEM careers (Photo: Instagram @ogutuokudo)

2. To make it in your chosen career

It takes sacrifice, discipline, hard work, long days and long nights and consistency.

3. Your future is in your hands

You set your future, you set where you are going and it's up to you to be able to do so

4. On breaking into a new sector

Network. Understand what are the associations in the sector. Do they meet to discuss what is happening in the sector? Do as much market intelligence. 

 She has been a beacon urging women to break into male-dominated careers (Photo: Instagram @ogutuokudo)

5. Importance of believing in yourself

Believe in yourself. Believe that what you have and what you bring to the table will have an impact and make a difference. That self-confidence is what will allow you to flourish, to step up to the plate.

6. Put yourself out there

Don't play small. Get yourself out there. Look for opportunities. Put yourself out there even when you're scared, even when you don't think you have what it takes. 

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