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Six benefits of walking barefoot

 When you walk barefoot, your gait improves (Photo: Shutterstock)

Walking barefoot is a practice that many are beginning to resonate with, citing its medical benefits. However, is it just a millennial hoax, in the name of making us ditch the many pairs of shoes we buy and wear per year? Here are the benefits and what you should know about walking barefoot, turning it into a lifestyle.

Helps to balance your gait

When you walk barefoot, you are likely to be able to feel your system at a balance. This is more so because wearing certain shoes prevents the whole foot from being used and messes with how the walking should proceed in the first place. You will realize that, once you walk barefoot over time, your posture is better since your lower back is stronger, and you will walk without struggling or slouching. 

Enhances blood flow

Stepping onto a surface barefoot ensures that your nerves are very active. Your foot gets to comfortably exercise and be in a good state. Your blood flow is enhanced because you realize that with every step, blood flow enhances. 

Improves your balance

Have you seen women especially struggle with walking well because they are wearing high heels? Some types of shoes offer imbalance and get you constantly falling down. You'll realize that, walking barefoot will give you the benefit of not falling. No wonder it is recommended that children stay without shoes for longer so that they learn how to walk better without constant falling. 

Makes the foot mechanics operate better

How the foot operates, from the ankle, to the knee and the hip are all based on what we are wearing on our feet. When you walk barefoot, the muscles which are commonly not used when you wear certain shoes tend to work better. In turn, your feet function very well. 

Builds stronger leg muscles

Walking barefoot is a form of exercise in itself. You'll realize that you're more likely to feel that your muscles are strong over time by exercising barefoot. This therapy is similar to acupuncture, and meant to get your body in tune with its nerves. When you're going through physiotherapy, the legs are insisted upon, and walking barefoot results in better muscles. 

Prevent foot deformities from shoes

To your surprise, wearing shoes that are especially inappropriate leads to your feet being deformed. It could be that you wear small shoes, or your foot becomes completely flat, or that wearing high heels makes alters muscle forming. Being barefoot assures you of nothing like this.

Walking barefoot may be good,however be keen about the ground you're walking onto. When you walk into a hard terrain, you may get injured. People with diabetes also should exercise extreme caution when walking barefoot to prevent foot injuries which spiral into a myriad of issues. Try walking barefoot indoors first before going overboard.

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