Evewoman : Ingredient of the week: Black pepper


Ingredient of the week: Black pepper

Black pepper can be used to make sore throat-relieving lozenges (Photo: Shutterstock)

Black pepper is known to help increase absorption of certain nutrients (like curcumin from turmeric). Because of its hot and stimulating characteristics, black pepper is also useful for cold and flu symptoms such as chills and fevers. It can also be used to ease arthritis pains.

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Trikatu pastilles are lozenges that are great for relieving sore throat. Recipe: Mix freshly ground black pepper, ginger and pepper powder. Slowly drizzle honey over the mixture to make a paste. Roll into pea-size balls between your fingers then finally roll on some orange peel powder (dried orange peels ground into powder form). Store in an airtight container. They should keep for up to six months.

To get the most out of black pepper, it is best to get whole black peppercorns then grind them when needed. Be careful how you use black pepper — large quantities can cause nausea and indigestion. 

It is available in most supermarkets in packaging of 20g to 1kg. With Sh50 one can get a 20g packet.

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