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Kitchen gadget: Insulated lunch bag

This bag makes it easier to carry your meals to work (Photo: Shutterstock)

Do you have a long commute to work and you’re not always sure your packed lunch of leftovers will survive the journey to the office? Or you just want a handy lunch bag that will keep your salad fresh without making you look like you’re traveling out of town? If you are looking at saving some money in 2020, get an insulated lunch bag.

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Ever calculated how much you spend on buying lunch every day of the week? Sh50, Sh100 and Sh250 here and there might not seem like a whole lot but calculate it at the end of the month or year you will be out in the thousands. Imagine putting that money aside for a rainy day? Sh5, 000 plus in December would come in handy.

This bag is insulated with aluminium foil material and can keep your food either cold or warm for up to four hours. You can have your meal in a food container, a fruit and a cold or hot drink all in the bag. At work, in school or when on the road, having a lunch bag is a must-have this year.

Find a bag on Amazon, Jumia and other online shops for Sh500- 1,500.

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