Evewoman : Kitchen gadget: Pressure cooker


Kitchen gadget: Pressure cooker

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The whistling sound from the kitchen as I got home from school when I was young is one I associated with githeri or kuku kienyeji my mother boiled in the pressure cooker.

I do not see pressure cookers used much anymore. I guess it was replaced with all the newer kitchen appliances like the slow cooker and instant pot. But they say old is gold and I agree. The pressure cooker cuts cooking time to half or even a quarter of the conventional boiling time for most foods.

Food boiled in a pressure cooker retains most of the nutrients and the food is tastier. It saves a lot of time and energy (cooking gas and charcoal). And at the same time keeps the kitchen cooler as less heat is used while cooking.

From major supermarkets, appliances shops and online, you can get a pressure cooker for Sh3, 500 give or take, depending on the brand. 

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