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Fuel it: The raw food diet

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With the growing popularity of veganism, some people have decided to take their dietary choices to the extreme by eating only raw foods. Raw food diets are usually plant-based but there are some people who also eat raw eggs and consume unpasteurised dairy, and even occasionally eat raw meat or fish.

Supporters of raw foodism believe cooking food destroys their natural enzymes, therefore reducing their nutritional content and making it harmful to human health. Raw foodists instead prepare food by eating it whole, juicing or blending, soaking, dehydrating or sprouting.

Because raw food proponents avoid processed and junk foods, sugars and oils, they are less likely to suffer diet-related lifestyle diseases. They also tend to consume a lower-calorie diet than most people, resulting in weight loss. However, many also suffer dietary deficiencies that can have long-term side-effects such as low bone mass and tooth erosion.

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