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Kitchen Gadget: Sandwich toaster/maker

If you have school-going children, this is a must-have kitchen gadget. Sandwiches are the norm in my household Monday through Friday. Ham and cheese, plain cheese, tomato and cheese, spinach, left over meats like chicken and beef, lettuce and tomato, you name it, and we are creative when it comes to making a lunch sandwich. The sandwich maker is easy to use. Just plug it in to heat up, prep your sandwich, butter the outside of the bread (optional) then place prepared sandwich on the heated plates, press and secure with clasp and toast for three/four minutes (the indicator light will go on when sandwich is cooked). Cleaning the sandwich maker is just as easy. Detach the heating plates if possible then wash them with warm soapy water. If the plates are not detachable, patiently clean them with a damp cloth. Store away when done cleaning or, like I do, leave it on the kitchen counter (we use it daily). Walk into any kitchen appliance shop or supermarket and buy yourself one. for Sh1800 or more depending on the brand you choose.

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