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Kitchen Gadget: Sliding chopping board

Sliding chopping board (Photo: Amazon)

What’s so special about this chopping board? It’s a space saver because it can be used over the kitchen sink and you don’t need to have a separate container or colander to wash foods items after chopping them. Just slide them into the tray with holes that slides from underneath the chopping board then run water over them to wash them. 

Made of food-grade plastic, this handy kitchen tool comes in an array of colours - blue, green, red, orange, yellow and white. Wash it with warm soapy water, allow it to dry then store it away. It is a good size and can be hung by a kitchen hook.

It is available on Amazon and online from independent sellers. The price range on this product is Sh1,000 and above. I am yet to buy one for myself but I have added it to my Christmas shopping list.

NOTE: I highly recommend that you use separate chopping boards for fruits, vegetables and meats to avoid food cross-contamination.

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