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Is Jidenna the new sexiest man alive?

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Jidenna has been in the music industry for quite a while. But recently, he's been looking a little different. Feast your eyes.He is 6 ft 1 of nothing but  pure man PS, you're allowed to faint:

Do you see what i see? (Photo: Instagram @jidenna)
We do love a man in black (Photo: Instagram @jidenna)
See him, see PEPPER (Photo: Instagram @jidenna)
How does it feel being a walking masterpiece? (Photo: Instagram @jidenna)
African man in African wear. We stan (Photo: Instagram @jidenna)
Jidenna: Hi, We: *faint* (Photo: Instagram @jidenna)
Son of Africa, you have done well (Photo: Instagram @jidenna)

Now, how many of you are still with us? You'll be forgiven if you did lose consciousness. We did as well.

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