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Cold weather hacks for weight loss

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During the cold season, we put on weight because we eat more and tend to be less active. Balance the desire to stay warm and satiated while still meeting your fitness and weight loss goals with these simple hacks.

1. Drink up

Warm drinks leave you feeling satiated without loading you with unnecessary calories, so drink up that bone soup and caffeine-free herbal teas.

2. Turn up the heat

Spicy foods warm you up, so invest in some fresh spices like cayenne to turn up the heat.

3. Hydrate

You may find your water intake reducing because of the cold but thirst often disguises itself as hunger so it is important to stay hydrated. Add a dash of lemon to your warm water for that kick.

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4. Bake or roast

Roasting and baking enhances flavour without piling on the calories so substitute frying for roasting or baking for a hearty, low calorie meal.

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