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Why you are unintentionally losing weight

 Why you are unintentionally losing weight (Photo: iStock)

Being thin is still a thriving beauty trend today. We're glad that different body types are being celebrated more, but secretly the pressure to have a supermodel figure still affects so many women and young girls.

While losing weight isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially if you're at a healthy weight for your body, it can become problematic if your goal is never to lose weight in the first place. It doesn't feel good to realise one day that your clothes are hanging out and you don't look as healthy as you used to.

There are several reasons why unintentional weight loss happens. Some of the reasons below could explain why this is happening to you:

You're doing too much cardio

Exercising is one of the ways we can all stay healthy. It's important for people of all age groups to nurture a habit of being active to keep health problems at bay.

At the same time, we should also recognize that there are limits even with great exercises like cardio. Too much cardio could cause you to lose more weight than you intended, and you might not notice it at first. If you're doing too much cardio, balance better with strength workouts that will build back your muscles.

You're not eating enough calories

When we're looking for some tips on dieting, we check online or get some general advice from other people around us. The problem with this is that we have different dietary needs so what works for someone else might cause problems like unintentional weight loss for you.

What you should be doing is calculating the right amount of calories for your body based on details like your height. This will be a better estimation of the number of calories you should be consuming daily to maintain a healthy weight.

High stress

Our emotional well-being can have a direct impact on our physical bodies. The combination of hormones released when we're chronically stressed can lead to health issues and weight loss.

Find out what has been stressing you out and different ways you can improve the situation. It also helps to explore healthy anti-stress avenues that will encourage you to cope better if certain situations can't be changed for now.


Just like stress, depression can have a negative impact on your overall well-being. It can keep you distracted from the fact that you're slowly losing your appetite and that you're no longer eating enough.

These negative trends gradually lead to problems with maintaining a healthy weight. Such signs should be enough for you to seek help so it doesn't progress.

Underlying health problems

Unexplained weight loss is a big cause of concern. In situations where you're eating right, not stressed or depressed and not over-exercising but still losing weight, an underlying illness could be the culprit.

This can be scary to think about but it should encourage you to go for a checkup and find out what's going on.

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