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Seven things to remind yourself when you feel unmotivated to exercise

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Like any new venture, the first few days you start working out are pretty easy. Your fitness goals are clear and you feel energised to reach them. But as the days progress, you begin to feel overwhelmed, exhausted and in extreme cases, discouraged especially when you don’t see any progress.

It is in these moments that you need to remind yourself why you started exercising and the benefits you will reap from having an exercise routine. A regular workout schedule isn’t just about losing weight. The benefits of exercising are extensive. Below we look at seven things that will motivate you to workout whenever you feel having another lazy day.

1. Exercising regularly will give you more energy

According to Psychology Today (PT), working out helps clear your arteries thus improving blood flow to the different organs in your body. This in turn increases the amount of oxygen supplied to your cells making your body function more efficiently, leaving you feeling less tired.

2. It helps to improve your mood

Endorphins, hormones which are released when you exercise, make you feel happier. This is especially necessary when you’re feeling low or have a serious bout of PMS.

3. You will have better memory

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Your brain’s cells are able to function better when you engage in regular exercise. Studies have shown that even taking a walk is enough to improve your memory and reduce stress.

4. It lessens anxiety

The release of endorphins will help you worry less and focus on your workout rather than on your problems. While you exercise, you can get new perspectives on issues that had previously seemed impossible to resolve.

Regular exercise will make you happier and improve your mental health

5. Lowers risk of high blood pressure

According to PT, increased plaque lining your arteries is one of the causes of hypertension. This plaque is caused by eating a high fat diet. Exercising helps to clear your arteries, widening them and thus increasing blood flow and lowering your blood pressure.

Exercise also helps strengthen your heart muscles enabling it to work better at pumping blood around your body.

6. You will have a more fulfilling bedroom life

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Regular exercise helps in increased muscle mass which increases the demands for certain hormones. Some of these hormones help improve bedroom life.

As you exercise you will be happier, fitter and more confident making you keener in the bedroom and in your relationship as a whole.

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7. Improved sleep

When you exercise, you exert your body a lot more making you tired enough at the end of the day to sleep soundly. Remember, as you rest, your immune system functioning improves and your risk of heart disease and diabetes lessens, not to mention you get reenergised.

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