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Kitchen gadget: Cast iron pan

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Long time ago, at an appropriately named Iron Age, cast iron was relied upon as a cooking surface. But is it still the healthiest option?

Being a great conductor of thermal energy, it allows for excellent quality of cooked food with great taste and flavour.

During cooking, the cast iron pan leaches out some of the iron to the food, which is a good thing since iron is an essential dietary mineral. The pan’s iron is in the non-heme form, which isn’t absorbed as well as heme iron from meat. But vitamin C can greatly increase absorption, as can acidity, so recipes containing things like lemon or tomato sauce can boost absorption.

The pre-seasoned kind of cast iron pans make the surface non-stick, so you don’t have to worry about applying food fats or synthetic oils before cooking. Pre-seasoning also helps the pan not leach so much iron. Seasoning also enhances food flavour.

You can get your pan from

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