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Kitchen gadget: Pizza scissors

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Perhaps you've ordered pizza on a lazy Sunday afternoon, you're ready to dig in but wait, the slices are too big or they're not properly cut through to the crust. Or if you’re anything like me, you've learned to bake your own pizza at home.

I personally enjoy making pizza with my kids. I get to spend time with them in my office (the kitchen is my office) so every two weeks, we have pizza night.

Initially, we used a regular knife to cut pizza slices; I could never get them evenly cut like we see when we buy pizza -- until I got a pair of pizza scissors. They perfectly cut any pizza on the surface and act a server as well (no need to use your hands to pull the slices apart or slide it to the plate). Pizza scissors have stainless steel blades that are long lasting, durable and cutting edge.

Buy yourself a pair on Amazon, Ali Express, or locally on social media pages that sell kitchenware. The price tag on this is anything from Sh. 1,200 – 5,000.

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