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Kitchen gadget: Avocado slicer (3-in-1 grip)

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An avocado is one of those fruits that can be eaten with meals, blended into smoothies or added to fruit or vegetable salads. It does have one downside to – it can get messy during preparation. This is why I recently ordered myself an avocado slicer. I was watching something on YouTube when an avocado slicer advert popped up. The advertiser got me within the first five seconds.

An avocado slicer does just that. It has a serrated blade to cut the fruit in half. Use the patented pitter to remove the avocado pit (seed) then, finally, evenly slice the flesh into seven pieces.

I am looking forward to using mine. My first make will be an avocado, banana and ice cream smoothie.

You can buy it online from Amazon and Aliexpress. The cost will vary. I bought mine for Sh2,000.

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