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The best times to drink water for maximum benefit

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Water is an essential component of a healthy diet. It forms part of your blood and brain, acts as a lubricant for your joints and helps with the normal functioning of your organs.

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Water forms a huge part in how your body functions. For instance, digestion of food is also aided by water. Too much or too little water can have adverse effects on your digestive system.

Below are seven times in your day that you should drink water.

1. Immediately you wake up

When you wake up you will often feel dehydrated. Drinking a glass of water (warm water if you want to take the health benefits up a notch) first thing in the morning helps to flush out the toxins that have accumulated in your body during the night. This cleans your blood and internal organs. You will also feel more awake, ready to start the day.

Ensure you drink water 30 minutes before you have breakfast.

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2. 30 minutes before meals

Drinking a glass of water before breakfast, lunch or dinner will make you feel full, therefore you avoid overeating consequently, keeping your weight in check.

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This practice will also help with digestion.

3. In between meals

Dehydration may manifest itself as hunger pangs. Drinking water when you feel like snacking may satiate you until it is time for your meals and you avoid reaching for snacks.

4. During and after meals

Sipping on a glass of water during and after meals will help with digestion and helps your body absorb nutrients.

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5.  Before and after a workout

You lose a lot of water when you work out. Drinking water before and after a workout helps replenish the water that you lost as you exercised.

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Should you feel thirsty during the workout, avoid drinking a lot of water and instead sip enough to wet your mouth and throat. When you drink too much water during the workout you decrease the sodium levels in your body and lessen your electrolytes making you feel fatigued.

6. When you feel tired

If you feel tired during the day or you have a presentation at work, drinking water will increase the fluid levels in your brain helping you feel more alert.

Fatigue can be a signs of dehydration.

7. Before going to bed

Drink water 30 minutes before bedtime to prevent dehydration while you sleep.

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