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Six hair mistakes that make you look older than you are

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Did you know that your hairstyle can easily add or subtract 10 years to your face?

Well-groomed hair can enhance features of the face and smooth out its flaws, while an incorrectly chosen haircut or hair colour can spoil even the brightest appearance and can highlight unwanted features.

How you style your hair makes a ton of difference to your overall appearance. While the hairstyle you choose can make you look sexy and chic, it could also, on the other hand, make you look a lot older than you actually are.

1. You go all on grey

Whether you're letting your grey hair grow out because you're courageous, rebellious or just exhausted by the tedium of colouring, it can be a gorgeous look that might just change your life.

One thing to watch out for, though: The texture of your grey hair is probably not the same as the texture of your former colour, so you'll need to care for it in a different way. Many greys are wiry and dry, yet can look youthful, shiny and sleek if you give them the proper attention.

2. Letting it grow out too long

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Women have that girlfriend who cuts her hair once every three months i.e. if she remembers. A good haircut should grow out nicely, but you should also get it cut every four to six weeks to keep it in shape.

Keeping the ends of your hair fresh will always make you look younger and more polished: Do a deep-conditioning treatment once a month, either in-salon or at home.

3. Never changing your look

The biggest mistake women make when it comes to looking older is keeping the same hairstyle for decades. The reality is, like everything else, hairdressing has evolved dramatically. It is good to keep up with the trends as you will look younger.

4. Keeping your hair dry and flat

As you get older, your hair has a natural tendency to grow drier, flatter, and duller. However, using the right styling products can help keep your hair looking bouncy and soft.

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5. Hair combed back

By opening your forehead completely, you draw extra attention to the line of hair growth, which becomes less vivid with age. Moreover, it will enhance the imperfections of your skin. In order to avoid this effect, opt for hairstyles where the hair can frame your face or for hairstyles with fringes, which can help to conceal imperfections.

6. Too much volume

While a little volume can be beautiful, going overboard will only age you. Teased up hair can make anyone look older. Volume is different and can look modern and elegant.

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