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Things men notice first about women

 When it comes to guys we might first notice details like their height and how well they're dressed [Courtesy]

There are certain things that we tend to notice first about others. When it comes to guys we might first notice details like their height, how well they're dressed, their shoes, their walking style and maybe even their haircut.

These are habits that we have subconsciously and to some extent, it gives us information about the other person, and how we should interact with them. It might be unfair but reality is that we judge others and we are judged by others without even saying a word.

So, for men, there are some similarities and differences in the things they notice first. Here are some of the most common things men spot early.

Facial attractiveness

Whether we like it or not, it is a fact that beautiful people get the most attention and favors. And in this case, a pretty face is easily noticed by the guys and everyone else around.

Apparently, there's something about the symmetry of facial features and clear skin that makes someone stand out more. But even if you're not a ten out of ten in the face, no worries because men have different definitions of beautiful too.


Men won't openly admit that they quickly notice a woman's weight but they actually pay attention to that. Ladies are super sensitive when it comes to this topic but fact is, men see all that body fat we try to sell as curves.

Depending on a man's particular preferences when it comes to weight, they will subconsciously categorize you as attractive or unattractive.

 Beautiful people get the most attention and favors [Courtesy]

Facial expressions

Facial expressions also communicate a lot to people around us. The look you have when you've had a good day is different from the one you have when you've had a bad day, and that is part of how we express ourselves as humans.

If a lady is smiling, she exudes a warm and inviting energy which might make her more approachable. If she's frowning or looks angry, guys will notice that too and may be hesitate to approach.


Hair is a major part of our overall style and personality. If you're reserved, you'll tend to choose toned-down colors and simple hairstyles but if you have a bold personality, you won't be afraid to experiment.

If you have an uncommon hairstyle or hair color, they will notice and use that to gauge your personality type. If you're lucky to have long, thick natural hair that happens to be quite appealing to members of the opposite sex.


Men go crazy over a curvy figure all the time. They might not even remember details like your hair or your smile because all the attention was on the curves.

This goes hand in hand with what you're wearing because tighter clothes highlight your features more. Curves are probably at the top of the list of things men first notice first and that will not change anytime soon.

 Some of the most common things men spot early [Courtesy]


It's always important to make sure your makeup looks good because men notice this as well. You've probably seen the huge spider-looking eyelash trends lately and most guys don't like them at all.

If you're a beginner and you're looking to attract the right type of guy, go for a natural look. With time you can get to learn about the right shades for your skin tone, where to buy original brands and the perfect application technique to perfect your face beat without going overboard.

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