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Should you quit your current job?

 Should I quit my job? (Photo: iStock)

The year 2023 is here and you are wondering whether you should stay or quit your job. The work environment is no longer conducive for you, or your boss is a micro-manager and it is starting to affect your health or you have been planning it for a minute now.

As you jot down your resolutions and goals, you are thinking you would rather job hop than stay one second more in that place you can no longer stand.

But it is a risky move. Your resume will show that you change jobs too often and a prospective employer may be hesitant to hire you because they are concerned you may do it to them too.

But should that be reason enough to discourage you? How else will you ever get to discover the kind of work you truly enjoy, what challenges you, and how much more you can earn if you do not take the risk and try? Ask yourself those questions.

If the field you are in, for instance, technology, job hopping is a fairly common phenomenon as new opportunities constantly present themselves, so there are always new advancements or startups looking to scale up.

Unless you have a valid reason for leaving your previous job, it may come off as a red flag. But if the company you were working for went bankrupt or it was toxic, or you fell ill, explain your job history. But before you take the plunge, weigh the cons and pros.

Instead of applying to every job you come across on LinkedIn because the pay is attractive, visualise what you want to do and specifically apply for those positions. In the meantime, develop new skills that will make you more marketable.

Take on new work projects if you have to or pay for a new course. And if you really cannot ride it out because you are seriously suffering, leave. But do not burn bridges. You may dislike your boss but you do not know who he knows and how it can negatively impact your career move.

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