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How to tell if your baby is healthy from their poop

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Looking after a young one requires a lot of keenness as babies cannot talk for themselves. There are many health issues that your baby could suffer from at a very young age that would be handled well if noted in time. From bowel movement troubles to other infections, your baby is in danger of getting health complications that only you would note.

There are many ways to tell if your baby is unwell or on the verge of becoming sick. From changing body temperatures, to refusal to feed or trouble sleeping, there exists so many ways you can know your little one needs medical attention.

One thing that you don’t know is that before all other signs, your baby’s poop can determine if they are unwell and even suggest what they are going through.

One way to tell of your baby’s health by looking at their poop is by its colour and texture. Although poop isn’t known to have a distinctive colour or texture, some drastic changes can foretell a problem. Different warning signs in your baby’s poop include;

Blood in poop

Most cause for alarm over red poop is usually as a result of feeding red foods to your baby such as beetroots. However, if you notice redness hat resembles blood in their stool, it could be an indication that your baby is reacting to milk protein. It could also be a red flag for infections.

Black poop

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This shouldn’t be cause for alarm since babies are known to pass tar-like stool in their first infancy days. Sometimes, this comes later after they have started feeding on other foods other than breastmilk.

Hard poop

When your baby passes hard pebble-like poop, it is a likely sign they are dehydrated and hence suffering from constipation. Sometimes you notice this kind of poop right after introducing them to solid foods since their digestive tracts are still not accustomed.

White poop

If your baby is passing some chalky white poop, it could be an indication that they are not digesting their food properly. This could also mean their liver isn’t producing adequate bile for digestion.

Mucus in poop

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When you notice stringy, sometimes greenish mucus strands in your baby’s poop, they could have an infection in their system.


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Runny stool is a horrific experience for everyone including adults. Normal diarrhea could be a result of stomach upset ort intolerance to some foods. If your baby’s stool however is runny with green, yellow or brown colour, it could be a result of an infection.

Frothy poop

Babies who are teething swallow a lot of their drool which is seen in their stool as frothy and foamy. If you notice this in your baby’s stool and they are not teething, it could be a sign they have an infection.

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