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ManTalk: 10 reasons why Nairobi men prefer marrying from the village

The high number of single women in Nairobi past the age of marriage is worrying. Guys in Nairobi seem to be avoiding the city women like a plague. While they have no problem engaging with these ladies for pleasure and company, commitment, these men find it hard settling down with the women they consider as slay queens. Those that do prefer going back to the village to look for a wife.

After a quick survey, here are some of the reasons why this trend continues to grow.

They are low maintenance

Chicks from the village are considered low maintenance as they are unaware of expensive foods, junk, high end fashion and expensive makeup. “You can leave behind 20 bob for a village girl to use without any problem, but the slay queens will raise hell if you gave them 200 bob,” lamented Brian, a clerk in Nairobi.

They are submissive

Unlike city women who are often deemed hardheaded, proud and arrogant, village girls have learnt to respect the role of a man as the head of the house. According to Omondi, Nairobi girls have a hard time with simple tasks such as washing their men’s hands, preparing their bathwater or even serving them with food. It is no wonder therefore that village girls brought to the city as house maids end up stealing their employers’ husbands.

They will not tanga tanga

City women are not known to stay at home and wait for their husbands. They are either in parties, having fun with friends or looking for the next place to take photos for the gram. It is rare to find them in the house event if they have no job to go to. On the contrary, village girls tend to stay in the home and have no reason to loiter around. Just buying her a TV will keep her glued to it all day long watching each and every program.

They have good cooking skills

City ladies are fond of junk and are used to fast foods such as chips soda, chicken, biscuits, rice and other useless snacks. For these ladies, cooking solid Luhya ugali and kienyeji vegetables like sage is unheard of. On the other hand, girls from the village are used to these things and can cook perfect ugali with kunde.

They do not run a way every so often

For a village woman to run away from home, it will need careful preparation as well as funds so by the time she is getting herself together, the anger will have subsided giving the man time to convince her to stay. Nairobi women on the other hand will pack an overnight bag and walk through that door in the middle of the night. Their network of friends and family make it so much easier for them to leave anytime.

Have no problem going back to the village

If things get tough in the city as life sometimes does, it helps that a village woman will have no problem with going back to the village when the need arises. This woman will easily readapt to the village life and even thrive there. City women will have a hard time between losing their acrylic nails to getting their weaves dusty and sweaty. They do not believe in downgrading from the lifestyle they are used to.

They can do odd jobs to make ends meet

Girls from the village will not have a problem selling Sukuma wiki, boiled eggs or washing other people’s laundry to make ends meet. However, city women cannot do such menial jobs lest they affect their reputation.  They will rather stay idle until they get that preferred job, which takes time to materialize.

They can withstand challenges

Since they are not new to hardship, village beauties can withstand challenges that city ladies might find impossible to deal with. The village girls will understand when the man is going through a tough time and will have no problem eating boiled Sukuma wiki and trekking to work if bus fare is not available.  This is unlike modern city women who have to look for boda boda or taxi even for a two kilometer walk.

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