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Bad habits you need to give up to maintain a good mental health

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New technology has made our lives easier to the point that some can’t live without it. It has completely changed our lifestyle and habits, but what we don’t yet know is that technology is deteriorating our mental health. 

Thanks to the modern technologies people perform better daily responsibilities, but we still have less free time and more worries which negatively influencethe mind and body.

Dealing with stressful situations everyday develops bad habits in our lifestyle, making us forget we have to take care of ourselves, especially our mental health.  

Give up the following five bad habits if you want to maintain good mental health:

  1. Defeat anger

It is normal feeling frustrated and angry since we face many challenges and have a lot of responsibilities. However, it is very important to keep calm when serious problems appear, lack of anger management can seriously damage your mental health. 

Feeling annoyance and negative emotions for long periods of time can lead to depression. Express your anger without hurting people, avoiding drama and violence.

  1. Stop being lazy

Nowadays you can do shopping through your phone and have the delivery at home, or you can take the car and drive to the closest supermarket. Stop that and go walking! Being more active will positively affect your brain and your mood.

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You can also be lacking D vitamin in your body, which is important because it supports the health of your immune system, heart and brain. So spend more time under the sun!

  1. Using technology too much 

You are spending too much time on social media and playing online games, a habit that can make you develop anxiety and depression.

Meet people and talk with them face-to-face, stop feeling lonely, you are separating yourself from the real world.

  1. Not sleeping enough

You can’t function well when you don’t sleep enough. Also lack of sleep can make you feel exhausted, irritable and rude.

When your mind is at peace you will have the best sleep.

Go to bed earlier, making sure you rest at least 8 hours daily or have a nap during the afternoon. Another factor that can affect you is caffeine, avoid taking it.

  1. Buying things that you don’t need

The bad habit of buying stuff that you don’t need is surprisingly damaging to your mental health. You buy things to pleasure yourself and truth is, material things can never make you feel happy and satisfied.

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Buying things with no control can make you feel stressed and anxious.

Replace this habit by gaining experiences, for example travelling to new places with your family, spending time with people you love will make you feel happy and fulfilled.


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