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Things you should replace often to maintain a hygienic bathroom

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When it comes to the items in our bathroom, hygiene should always be the top priority.

This means that you need to know what to throw away and when. Keeping some products for too long can actually be harmful to your health, so you might need to get rid of them whether or not they are over.

This applies to skin care products, medications and other personal hygiene products.

Here are 10 items found in your bathroom that you need to switch out often so as to maintain proper hygiene.

  1. Toothbrush

After three months, you toothbrush is likely to get frayed bristles and worn out. This is the time to throw it out. At this point the toothbrush is usually ineffective at getting rid of plaque from your teeth and gums. It will also have germs hiding in the bristles which can result in an infection. For ease, buy your toothbrushes in bulk so you can just switch when it's time.

  1. Toothpaste

The average time to keep your toothpaste should be between 12 and 18 months. After this period the fluoride starts to become ineffective, the flavor fades and it may separate and start to crystallize. Always put the cap back on after squeezing out the toothpaste so as to ensure it remains fresh to the last squeeze. Another sign that you need to throw out your toothpaste is if it looks, smells or tastes strange when put in the mouth.

  1. Antibiotic ointment

Medicated and healing ointments usually have active ingredients that are antibacterial, which can cause them to lose their effectiveness much faster compared to other ointments. The best time to throw out wound-healing ointments and creams is three months to their expiration date.

  1. Bar Soap

You can keep your bar soap for years as long as you have not opened it. Once it is open and exposed to water however, the rule changes. If the bar soap starts to discolor and feels mushy, it may be contaminated and would be best to throw it out. Using it will put you at risk of infection and irritations, especially if you have open skin. To ensure that your bar soap lasts longer, keep it in a soap dish where it can easily dry off. Leaving it sitting in water makes it a breeding ground for germs.

  1. Tampons

It is best to throw out your tampons after a year, or two at the maximum regardless of the instructions on the box. Most people tend to store their tampons under the sink but this is a health hazard. The sink might leak at any time and it is possible for the tampons to grow mold and bacteria even with the wrapper still on. It is best to store your tampons in a clean, dry place.

  1. Loofah

You should change out your loofah once a month. This is because they are always in a wet environment and can grow fungi such as mildew in between their fibers. The bacteria build up can cause infections especially when in contact with open skin. Make sure to also ditch your loofah if you notice any discoloration or odor.

  1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen should have an expiration date on it so always follow that. If it is missing one, throw it out after two years. If the sunscreen changes in consistency it is a sign that the ingredients are becoming ineffective. You should replace it at this point as it serves no purpose.

  1. Razor blades

Depending on how often you use your razor, you should throw it out after two weeks or after every three to five uses. Using one razor for too long means it will become ineffective which will cause irritation, nicks on your skin and even bacterial infection. If your razor blade has rust on it throw it out regardless of how long you have had it.

  1. Prescription antibiotics

The first thing to do is take out any prescription antibiotics out of the bathroom. Due to the condensation that happens in the bathroom, they could lose their potency and the medicine could go bad. You should make sure to always throw away any leftover prescription medicine. This is so that you do not take an incomplete dosage. The medicine may also be ineffective at this point.

  1. Acne spot treatments

Acne spot treatments are not used on the daily so you may have them lying around for some time. Make sure to always throw them out on their expiration dates. If they do not have one, your acne spot treatments should last between three to six months. After that their active ingredients start to lose their potency making them ineffective.


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