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5 interesting things you didn't know about the manhood

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1.Smoking makes the penis shorter

According to a research conducted by the University of Texas, smoking causes vascular atrophy and sclerosis of the corpus cavernous, what can make the penis 1cm smaller during erection.


2.Size matters

The longest penis known measures a total of 34.3 cm during erection and 24 cm while resting. His owner, Jonah Falco, never wanted to work in the porn industry despite of the multitude job offers he received.


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3.The penis thinks by itself

Erections happening in the least expected moments causing discomfort in the man, it happens because the male sexual organ sometimes acts in an independent way. This occurs because the penis responds to the sympathetic nervous system that is not always under conscious control. The same way the erection can arise, the opposite can also happen.



Men climax lasts 6 seconds, while women can last 24 seconds, six times more. The man’s ejaculation expels up to 6 milliliters of semen holding up to 100 million of sperm.

5.Foods affect sexual potential

Junk food and a diet based on fats and sugars reduce the sexual potency of men. Taking much carbohydrates, sweets or alcohol cause the inhibition of testosterone production, which leads to less sexual vigor and erectile dysfunction.

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It is also important to know that to maintain a fine erection it is necessary to have good arterial and venous flow in the penis, what you eat influences cardiovascular health and, therefore, sexual function. The better the diet is, the better blood flows to the penis.

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