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Boyfriend cheating on me with mum and impregnates both of us


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Sometime last year, I asked my boyfriend to come home so I could introduce him to my mother. He came and they met. Just recently, he confessed that since that time, he has been meeting my mum and in fact, they have been intimate.

Simply he has been cheating on me with my mum. Now she is pregnant with his child, a revelation that came after I discovered that I am also pregnant.

This has really shaken and disturbed me. I did not know that the two people I love and care for the most can do this to me. I am depressed and don’t know how to deal with this. I also don’t know how to handle either of them. Please advice, I am troubled

Follow your heart Mercy because at the end of the day people will tell you many things but you are the one in the middle of all this. You are the only one who can make this decision. Be strong and ready to forgive if you decide to go ahead with the relationship.
{Suzanne Onyango}

Even the Bible strongly condemns such behaviour and says that a man who lies with his mother-in-law is cursed. This man will be a big burden to your life and will always be a source of pain and stress. You will find another man even if you decide to keep the child. I have a man who loves me and my child despite the fact that the child is not his. He does not even want another child.
{Jeanette Musila}

If your boyfriend got the confidence to reveal this to you, then maybe he is truly sorry for what he did. Try and forgive them both even if your heart will remain at pain because, after all, you love them both. {Gibson Muthuri}

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Mercy, sorry for what I call stealing from the poor. Your mother is a wicked woman. Do you have a father and if yes where is he? This man is really just good for nothing and the faster you leave him the better it will be for you. You can also quit staying under the same roof with this “woman” who claims to be your mother and a lover snatcher at the same time. Cut any links with these people until you are safe and comfortable with them. Receive God’s grace and blessings!
{Ouma Ragumo Sifuyo}

Mercy, this man who gets into an affair with your mother making her pregnant, knowing well you are still there is as guilty as your mother who takes her daughter’s boyfriend. Anyway, such incidences are no longer news. Count the game lost, wish both of them well in their new-found relationship. Take nothing to your heart, smile and move on. You will be more careful with your mother next time.
{Tasma Charles}

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