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These are the body parts you are not cleaning properly

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For some taking a shower is a special moment that is meant to be enjoyed. However most of us are guilty of taking rushed showers due to time.

If a passport shower doesn’t suffice, a super speedy shower will do. While there is nothing wrong with taking a two minute bath, the problem arises when this becomes a habit.

These quick showers when taken regularly will cause bacteria buildup in the areas you don’t take enough time to scrub. To avoid this, here are five nooks and crannies in your body you should pay some attention to.

  • Fingernails

Washing your hands after a toilet visit is something we have all been taught since childhood. Unfortunately, many people wash their hands but rarely take the time to scrub underneath the finger nails. Research done on fingernail clippings found that bacteria found on our fingernails can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Always properly wash your hands after visiting a washroom and after touching raw meat which can contain harmful bacteria.

  • Bellybutton

Few people pay attention when it comes to washing their bellybuttons. You assume so long as water and soap drips there it should be fine. Wrong! Scientists found over 1,400 different bacteria on a test subject of 100 people. Glossing over that area is a big no, dig deeper.

  • Behind the ears

Most of us put so much time into washing our faces, scrubbing, moisturizing and all that jazz forgetting what lies behind. Since the back of your ear is hidden, it collects a lot of bacteria. This is because the sebaceous glands secrete a sebum to keep your skin moist and if this builds up and it is not cleaned properly, it will start to smell. 

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  • Bottom of the feet

Because the water and soap from your body slides down to your feet when showering, do not assume they will get clean by themselves. Show your feet some love by soaking them in a tub of warm soapy water and gently scrub using a pumice stone. Apply some lotion or natural oil and gently massage. Once done, put your feet up and give them a break.

  • Scalp

You are either guilty of not properly washing your scalp when you shampoo your hair or you extend salon visits which result in product and dirt build up especially those of us who are always rocking protective hairstyles. Improper care could lead to itchy flaky scalp which can be a nightmare. Take your time when washing your hair and do it regularly while addressing any problems you may be suffering from.

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