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Simple lip care tips everyone needs



Healthy lips are a sign of a healthy person and no matter how much lipstick you apply, so long as your lips are not healthy it will still show. And let’s face it, chapped lips are a big no-no.

Because the skin on our lips is much thinner than any other part on the body, it is more prone to cracking and chapping. It is thus important to practice good care for our lips to achieve soft lips that not only look good but work well with your lipstick.

Here are eight simple lip care tips that you need in your life for a perfect pout

Have a healthy diet plan

The type of diet you have will reflect directly on the condition of your lips. Having a good diet with vitamins and other nutrients is essential for beautiful healthy lips.

Stay hydrated

Your lips need to stay hydrated from the inside so as to look good on the outside which means drinking lots of water.

Do not lick or touch your lips

Lips do not have a natural protectant on them so each time you touch them you are getting them infected with bacteria. While licking your lips may feel like you are helping moisturize them, it is actually harmful. When the saliva evaporates it leaves the lips even drier. The enzymes in saliva are also too harsh on the delicate lips.

Massage your lips

Massaging your lips for about five minutes every day will help increase blood circulation to the lips. Use some nourishing oils to do this. Good blood circulation means that the lips will get the nutrients that they need.

Hydrate your lips overnight

It is easy to tell when your lips are dry when you are awake but you cannot tell this when you are asleep. Because the air around us dries up our lips when we are sleeping, it is important to apply either petroleum jelly or a hydrating lip cream before you sleep. For natural options you can use ghee, raw milk or even cream.

Scrub your lips

It is important to scrub your lips so as to remove the dead skin cells and avoid any lip infections. For this you can use a mild scrub for lips that you can buy at a beauty shop. Alternatively you can make your own by using some sugar and honey.

Use lipstick when going out

This will come as a shocker but lipsticks are actually good for your lips. Applying some before you step out will help protect them from the sun, dirt, dry air and other factors.

Always remove makeup

Before you sleep, ensure to always remove all traces of makeup from your lips. Do this using a damp cotton ball to wipe them clean. This will enable your lips to breathe.



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