Edith Kimani and Fena Gitu having a cute girlfriend moment that got controversial - Evewoman


Fans and followers critic Fena Gitu’s picture with Edith Kimani

Popular Sema Ngwe Hit singer and Denri Brand Ambassador, Fena Gitu recently posted a picture on Instagram with German based DW News Anchor, Edith Kimani looking all cozy and enjoying the moment together. The particular photo has raised eyebrows everywhere and made the Kenyans speculate.

But why is it a big deal though? Edith and Fena have been friends for a long time and know each other at the palm of their hands. What is the issue?

As women, when we are close with our girlfriends and treasure our friendships, we get playful and live in the moment.

Fans and followers have judged the photo Fena Gitu posted and what do you think about it?



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