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Where should we store different items in the fridge?


A good rule to follow is to ensure raw and ready-to-eat foods are stored separately from one another. Raw meat and poultry should be stored covered on the bottom shelf of the fridge as this will prevent raw meat juices from spilling on to foods below. This bottom shelf o­ffers the necessary protection as it is often made of solid glass, preventing any spills from seeping down on to other foods.

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It  should  also  be  the  coldest  part  of  the  fridge which is highly e­ffective for storing meat  in.  Ready-to-eat foods such as cheese and cooked meats can be stored on the top shelves. Some of the modern style fridges include a number of di­fferent trays and we recommend that you check to see what the manufacturer’s guide advises.

How should we store food in the fridge?

It all depends on the food type or particular product. If you’ve opened something and are unable to seal it back up in its original packaging (for example, cooked ham) you should cover  it  in  cling  fi lm  or  transfer  it  to  an  airtight  container.  Raw  meats  can  be  stored  in  their  original  packaging  on  the  bottom  shelf  of  the  fridge.  If they’re not in their original packaging, keep them in a drip-proof bowl or container and cover. 

It’s  also  important  to  ensure  cooked  foods,  including  leftovers,  are  covered.  Store unopened cans in the cupboard as this will give you more room in the fridge. If your fridge isn’t cluttered, cold air will circulate around your fridge more e­ffectively.

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