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How to take care of your skin in the Cold season

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I can tell you for sure this is not my favourite season. I just don't get along with the rains and the cold. The season calls for double efforts when it comes to maintaining your skin. Skincare is a journey that needs full commitment in order to achieve positive results.

The cold season can make your skin dry, flaky and chapped. It is therefore important to take extra care of it. Here are some tips to help your skin remain hydrated and healthy.

1.Avoid hot Showers;

Avoid hot showers as they will strip off your natural oils. Hot showers will leave your skin dry and flaky especially in the cold season. The intensity of hot showers breaks down the lipid layer in the skin which leads to loss of moisture.

2. Moisturize immediately

Your skin not only needs more moisture, but moisture right after you wash. Applying moisture to damp skin helps seal that dampness into the skin. Keep a bottle near the bathtub, shower stall, and at every sink and use liberally every time you wash


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3. Choose Moisturizer Carefully

Some over-the-counter moisturizers have petroleum-based ingredients that can actually further dry your skin in the cold season. Be sure to choose a smart formula that has natural, nourishing ingredients. Go for an oil-based rather than a water-based solution, as it’s more likely to help your skin retain moisture in the cold season. Go for moisturizers that are made with natural, hydrating ingredients like lavender, chamomile, jojoba, and more, which help soothe dry, itchy skin.

4. Protect your skin

Get used to wearing gloves and scarves to protect skin from cold winds and rain. Also, don’t forget the sunscreen. Winter sun can be just as damaging as summer sun, so apply a safe option like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to any exposed areas. You should also Wear lip balm to avoid chapped lips. Take warm drinks to kick off the cold. Warm up and stay cosy. Remember, your skin is the largest organ in your body, so it is important to keep it healthy.

5. Drink lots of water

We tend to drink less water in the cold season because we rarely feel thirsty. We turn to hot drinks like cocoa and tea, but don’t forget that your skin needs hydration from the inside out. A little warm water with lemon can be very refreshing and hydrating at the same time.


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