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How pastor's 'castrate' men in church

My Man

I will be the first to admit that I am not exactly 'big' on the whole church thing. Yet I am aware that religion plays a large part in the making of our society, and churches are the vessels through which these things are expressed. And since seventy percent of any given church congregation are women, I assume the institution is serving them well. But why is it that any given church congregation has a third or less of its whole being men? 'Men Only' has pondered this question – and I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the male messenger. Yes, that man pastor at the pulpit is to blame.

A – Authority First of all, the pastor or prophet or whoever becomes the 'Alpha Male' in any congregation, yes sir. And that is because they can claim, without batting an eyelid, that their Authority comes from the Almighty lord himself. Can you imagine trying to impress your good works, like you took someone to hospital, to a congregation of Prophet Owuor's believers? For Heaven's sake, he's said he raised someone from the dead!!! You, my fren', are a mere mortal man.

And since women by nature are geared to be attracted to the Alpha Males, you there at the back bench of the evangelical Fire United Church Kanisa are 'beta' man. Like second hand goods from Guangzhou. The prophet-pastor is The Original.

B- Better than you These prophet-pastors can NEVER have a mere regular follower being better off, or more charismatic than them. If there is a better off fellow, they make him a VIP in the church, sap him with harambees, etc until he takes off. Better spoken 'ministers' are made youth pastors to take their excitement there. Switch on your local Sunday morning TV tomorrow. It is not by mistake that the televangelist is in designer wear, complete with watch and Gucci footwear, while his 'sheeple' (sheep people) praise, worship and shuffle about in those mushaino suits, jumping up and down like maniacs whilst shouting 'Hallelujah!' in their sharp-shooter shoes. The big pastors will drive large fuel guzzlers (bought to do the work of God, yet the Lord used to drive around in a chariot)just to show they have a 'bigger' one than the men in their audience – who can use them as examples of 'what a perfect man' should look like. Amen?

C-Confidence of a Lion While these prophet/pastors roar from the pulpit like lions, the men in the congregation are as meek as mice, even in their confidence levels among the church ladies. That is why they often look dazed, these guys – with wide eyes and big sappy smiles (that are meant to show they are heaven 'happy') and cannot get even into verbal confrontation because they don't have the courage to. And that is just how prophet/pastor likes it – with your cojones in one hand, and your wife's life in his other hand, because he is ...

'Dear Simon' to Them That is point 'D.' These pastor-types are always dispensing advice like water at the office water fountain, and that is why many women pay little heed to advice from husbands; and instead squawk like parrots 'pastor said this' and 'prophet alisema ...' Dare these weakling men offer contrary advice to the church Solomon's, and their women rebuke them by saying the evil spirit is speaking through them.

And this is how the church pastor becomes the confidante and 'father figure' to grown men who cannot figure it out, and like clueless adolescents, they dash to church for solutions that they should struggle to figure out for themselves.

'Eve woman.' The 'Eve Woman' in the church is often the pastor or prophet's wife, who displays an inspirational lifestyle (from YOUR money, when will these silly sheeple ever figure that SIMPLE fact out) that the other church women can aspire to, but never attain. Her kids are perfect! Her marriage is 'perfect.' For a couple in such a 'prosperity, and anti-austerity' congregation, her own man always falls short. He is the follower non-leader type with nothing better to offer in life, lacks confidence (except when shouting 'Alleluhyia' with his eyes squeezed tightly shut), and has no solution to any problem in life. But, what the hell? He'll ask pastor next Sunday.

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