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Reader makeover:I feel like a new person

Meet Rita Matiho Kwaha, a domestic worker from Kibera. She came to Nairobi in 2009 with a dream to make her life and her children’s lives better. A mother of four, Rita was busy with her daily chores when Lucy Robi approached her to model for her. Rita initially laughed it off. She has been an avid reader of Eve and couldn’t believe that she was being approached to model for the magazine. It is always exciting to gift a makeover to a woman who doesn’t expect to be a model. It’s inspiring to watch her transform and suddenly feel empowered before the camera, in clothes that she likes. After taking the day off from work, Rita was ready for our makeover. The images that came out finally were nothing short of amazing.

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Rita before the makeover


Ngina: For makeup, I wanted to create a bold look for her. A smokey eye was the perfect choice followed by a bold red lip. Her skin is flawless so we opted for a more subtle foundational look.


For styling: We wanted to keep things bright and fun. Rita said she tends to wear plain colours so we opted for florals and prints.

The colours we wear play a crucial role in whether we look bright and fresh or dull and washed-out. We decided to give her peachy tones that would also complement her skin tone.

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