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Maria Losile:First elected Pokot woman MCA

Maria Losile(L), Loyamorok Ward elect MCA, a first woman to be elected in a political position in Taaty

It was song and dance in Loiyamorok ward in Tiaty constituency after residents elected a woman Member of the County Assembly, the first in the Pokot community.

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Maria Losile, the former head teacher of Chesirimion Primary School, garnered 1,121 votes against the 530 of her close competitor, Banice Chepkemoi of Jubilee Party. "This is God's doing and I promise to discharge my roles as entrusted to me by the electorate," said Ms Losile, who was elected on a Kanu ticket. Other aspirants for the same position were Erick Kalegeno who got 509 votes, Victor Chochoi (44) and Peter Lokormoi (11).

Through politics, Losile said she would have a better platform on which to initiate education programmes that would enable more children to be enrolled in primary school and transit to secondary school and higher learning institutions. The mother of six was born and raised in Loyamorok village in Tiaty, She is the first-born of six children. Among her achievements while serving the community is writing a proposal that earned Chesirimion Women Group a posho mill that has become a source of income for more than 30 women.

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