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Tips to help you evaluate your 2016 relationship, learn from mistakes

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Every end of year is an opportunity to reflect on personal and professional achievements, success or failure and lessons learnt. A time to evaluate relationships that have worked and others that didn’t. A time to let go of encumbrances and aspire to travel light in the coming year. A time to acknowledge the new season and embrace it with gratitude.

Thinking about all you have to appreciate can boost your happiness and your overall sense of well-being, according to psychologists. Having an attitude of gratitude brings about wellness and builds on contentment, commitment and helps to build healthy thriving relationships.

End the year with an attitude of gratitude. It is both fulfilling and challenging to measure personal and professional achievements every year. While there are areas that could certainly have worked better, it is heart-warming to know it is not over yet there is still an opportunity of working on them better in the early part of 2017.

Besides, there is so much to thank God for, since He has seen you through the year and despite various challenges, you have not been swept away by the raging waters. What better than to give thanks this season celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. The song in my heart is Give Thanks by Don Moen.

Purpose to start 2017 with zeal, energy and enthusiasm. It’s an opportunity to do ordinary things in an extraordinary manner. An opportunity to set goals and make an impact in your life and that of others. To do this, it is helpful to evaluate and do some soul searching.

Here are some suggestions to get you started. Feel free to add on to the list, and remember have someone hold you accountable, evaluate periodically and most importantly set SMART goals; that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and have a time frame.

1. What achievements did I record in 2016?
2. What failures did I encounter?
3. What lessons have I
learnt from the success and failure?
4. What personal growth, both personal and professional did I achieve?
5. How much have my relationships
grown; self, spiritual and significant others?
6. What toxic relationships was I able to let go?
7. What relationships need working on and what accomplishments did I have?
8. What difference have I made to the lives of others?
9. Have I grown emotionally, intellectually?
10. Have I attained my physical goals, am I comfortable in my skin?
11. What baggage do I need to let go as the year comes to an end?
12. Have I contributed to a meaningful cause?
13. What difference have I made in my environment?
14. Have I achieved my goals? If not did I set SMART goals?
15. Have I lived a life that is worthy of my calling?
16. How would I define my life purpose and how passionate have I been to pursue the same?

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Consider listing all the things that matter to you and how you would like achieve great results in 2017. It’s important to evaluate before setting new goals. Have an attitude of gratitude and celebrate small and big achievements; including good health, family and friends including significant others.

Get an accountability partner and purpose to excel and thrive in 2017, it is your only option. Live, love and thrive because you deserve it!

The writer is a relationship coach and author of Marriage Built to Last. You can reach her on:

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