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My husband sent a flirty text to my friend - what does it mean?


Dear Coleen

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I went through my friend’s phone recently and saw that my husband had texted her, saying: “Hello babe, I must say you looked sexy in that dress you had on”.

Naturally, I confronted both of them and all my husband said was that I was overreacting and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Am I going mad for thinking he’s totally out of line?

What do you think?

Coleen says

I think your husband needs a reality check!

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If he’d said that in front of you, then you might not jump to the conclusion that anything else was going on because he was so upfront.

But he said it behind your back in a text message, which you happened to find.

Don’t let him trick you into thinking you’re paranoid and unreasonable – he is 100% out of line. And I’d love to know how your friend explained it, too.

Maybe nothing has occurred but you don’t send a text like that unless you want something to happen. It’s crossing the line.

You have to find out if there’s anything more to it.

In the meantime, write a really sexy text to one of your husband’s mates and say to him, “You don’t mind if I send this, do you?”

Let’s see if he thinks there’s nothing wrong with that.

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