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She refuses to introduce me to her family

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Hi Roxanne,

I am distraught that my girlfriend of six months has not introduced me to her family yet. I have introduced her to most of my family members and friends and I don't understand why she hasn't done the same. I haven't said anything about it because I don't want her to feel like I am pressuring her. However, it is really eating me up inside. I feel like she is ashamed of me or something. She is the first girl I have been serious with in ages and I see a future with her. Her reluctance in letting me meet her family is making me really uncomfortable. Is she really serious about this relationship? Should I worry? Am I reading too much into this or do I have valid reasons to be concerned? Kindly advise Jay

Hi Jay,

There could be a multitude of reasons to explain why she has not introduced you to her family yet. You could be surprised that she is genuine and is actually waiting for the right time.

Maybe her family is a bunch of crazies and she is afraid that you will see her in a different light after meeting them.

Perhaps she is self-conscious of an alcoholic father. Or maybe she is afraid that her family will marry the two of you off the moment you step on the front door.

Or the timing just isn't right for her. We can speculate for a whole day, but that is not going to get us anywhere.

Whatever the reason, there are bigger tragedies in life than not being invited to your girlfriend's family dinner party.

Her unwillingness to introduce you to the family does not necessarily mean she is not fully committed to you. Stop over-thinking it. Let destiny run its course.

You should only be concerned when you start talking about marriage and you still haven't met her family.


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