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Dear Coleen: My dream girl dropped me after Christmas work party passion

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Dear Coleen

After my work Christmas party, I spent a night of passion with the girl of my dreams, who is also a colleague.

I thought everything was perfect and life couldn’t get any better.

We even talked about me getting transferred to our other factory after the holidays so we could be nearer to each other!

But now I’ve returned to work, she won’t reply to my emails.

I’ve called the accounts department where she works and left messages, and she still won’t call me back.

Why is she playing with my heartstrings?

She promised me it was more than a one-night stand.

Coleen says

If I had a pound for every letter I get at this time of year from distraught colleagues dealing with the fallout from drunken clinches at the office do, I’d be a very rich woman.

Here’s the bottom line – you’re clearly not the man of her dreams.

She’s taking the coward’s way out by avoiding you, rather than telling you the truth.

And I’m afraid to say that despite what she said at the time, the truth probably is that it’ll only ever be a one-night stand for her.

People say a lot of things when they’ve had a bit to drink and are having fun.

But, in the clear light of day and stone-cold sober, things can look very different.

It also sounds to me like you’re coming on pretty strong.

The best attitude to have is to think of it as a great night of fun, move on from it and stop calling and sending emails.

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Hassling her is not going to make her change her mind.


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