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The top 5 sexual health tips every person needs to know about

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1. Don't dismiss erectile dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction can be the first sign of an underlying problem with your circulation. Putting off a visit to the GP due to embarrassment could I fact be putting your life at risk.

2. Take a test if you've taken a risk

If you take a sexual health risk you must take a test. The absence of symptoms doesn't mean the absence of disease.

3. Treat condoms with care

Stashing condoms in direct sunlight or in your back pocket can damage them. Bin them if they are past their best before date and don't open them with your teeth. All may result in breakage.

4. Beware the "pull out" method

If you are going to put it in and you neither want a pregnancy nor an STI then stick a condom on. The withdrawal method is unreliable in preventing both infection and conception.

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5. Don't discount oral sex

Unprotected, oral sex can put you at risk of chlamydia, gonorrhoea, hepatitis and syphilis.


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