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Of fake preachers and their female followers


kanyariBy Anne Mungai (@annemungai_)

Watching yesterday’s episode of Jicho Pevu and Inside story on KTN, one can’t help but notice the large number of women in the congregation. Most of the actors to the script were also women. Is it that women are easily deceived compared to men?

There are churches where the women go as far as sharing men as part of church practices. Some of these women will have no qualms giving their very young daughters to old men for marriage! Is it that women are too trusting in nature?

Socialize: Women are sociable creatures. One thing to consider is that women look into church as also a place to socialize, share their problem, a social aspect which men are not particularly interested in. They have church groups for this specific purpose. Many women are more into church activities on days apart from Sunday, while most men are not.

Caregivers: Another reason is that women are caregivers. Women want to care for the pastors, we have those who bring him tea, who make sure pastor is fed as well. You protect and love those you care for and so the pastors are lucky to fall in this list.

Help: When in trouble, it is women who are more likely to reach out for help than men. They don’t put effort to maintain their ego unlike men and who is there to offer them a solution if not the pastor? It is quite shocking when they go an extra mile to expose their body parts for the pastor to see how sick they are. Sexual abuse and intimidation by pastors is real, many women will however not speak of this for fear of public humiliation.

We may never understand why people are deceived. It may be because it is our nature or because of our lack of knowledge. It is therefore our duty as humans, whether male or female to be proactive in searching for the truth.

Be careful of pastors selling anointing and holy water, oil or even handkerchiefs, Jesus did none of that.



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