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Kenyan chef who served Queen Elizabeth

Born with little privilege in Ireland 70 years ago, Mullan moved to Kenya in 1975 for “a short contract” that lasted 47 years.
By Peter Muiruri
Mar. 27, 2022
Eggs are a special food group for children and which is a great standalone source of protein and other nutritional supplements
By Mercy Kahenda
Mar. 7, 2022
Metaphorically, the words’ kienyeji’ and ‘broiler’ have been used on Kenyan social media to mean provincial and city women, respectively
By Sakwa Ongoma
Feb. 27, 2022
We can reveal that most are married women — and strip to earn a living. This often happens with or without the knowledge of their husbands
By Pkemoi Ng'enoh
Feb. 27, 2022
A 106 per cent rise in global reports of suspected child sexual exploitation has been recorded.
By Judie Kaberia
Jul. 30, 2020
Trained dogs able to sniff out Covid-19 with 94 per cent accuracy.
By Anyango Otieno
Jul. 30, 2020
Born in DRC, Jonathan Budju aka ‘Son of God’ speaks on working with Fally Ipupa and his planned Kenyan tour among other revelations.
By Standard Entertainment
Jul. 28, 2020
. It was not uncommon to hear names like ‘Mwangi wa Barclays,’ ‘Onyango wa Posta’ or ‘Mutiso wa Kanjo.’
By Editor
Mar. 9, 2017
He is said to be Nairobi’s best mayor ever as the capital was truly the ‘Green City in the Sun’ during his reign for three years to 1983.
By Editor
Mar. 9, 2017
“We played mkebe, brikicho, bladder, three sticks, kalongo, baano, gwash, shake, ludo, roundas, kamare and futa. We ate mapera, mabuyu, sukari nguru, kashata, ice za bob, Goody Goody, koo, chipo mwitu na pasua — not to forgetting mutura lol! We often played barefoot! We went hunting with feyaa and chuvyu, we weren’t afraid of anything
By Ainea Bolingo
Mar. 9, 2017
At Sigalame, most students preferred the Big Hostel, a one-storey building that housed four dormitories; Munana, Okello, Ngala and Ageng’a. Students who resided in this hostel called themselves “Wasee wa jiji,” since it was the only storied building
By Brian Guserwa
Mar. 9, 2017
You must always play an active role, and be involved as much as possible, in arriving at decisions that impact on your health. That means having a basic understanding of what ails you
By Dr Alfred Murage
Mar. 8, 2017