How your phone might be causing spots to break out on your face - and what you should do about it

They're something many people have to deal with each day - spots.

Whether you're suffering with acne or have just had a bad break out, it can be extremely frustrating to see your face covered in red blemishes.

You can try everything, from face washes to masks and creams, but they might not stop the spots from coming back.

And according to Dr Anjali Mahto, author of The Skincare Bible, the reason why your skin is reacting this way might surprise you.

Dr Mahto opened up about some of the main causes of spots to Refinery29 and she revealed that one of the things behind your break out could actually be your mobile phone.

She said: "So why do we get spots on our face, back and chest? Because this is where we have the highest density of oil-producing glands. The science tells us this.

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"Certain areas where spots can occur may be related to external factors and I certainly don't deny that.

"Spots in the forehead may be related to heavy waxes or sprays being applied to the hair when styling - known as the 'pomade acne' - and use of heavy, oil-based foundations can lead to blocked pores, otherwise known as 'acne cosmetica'.

"Spots on one cheek could be related to mobile phone use, where a dirty screen surface combined with heat and occlusion, may stimulate the oil glands."

It's therefore important to make sure your phone screen is kept as clean as possible at all times.

Dr Mahto has also been sharing some of her skincare knowledge on Instagram.

She recently shared some of her top tips for cleansing your face and clearing spots quickly.

In a short video, she explained: "Sometimes we do break out at the most unfortunate times and if you've got a big social event coming up, for example a wedding and you find you break out a couple of days before hand it is actually possible to make that spot go down very quickly.

"A dermatologist can inject a small amount of steroid into the spot and it will go down in about 24-48 hours."

She added: "In terms of over-the-counter measures it's worthwhile looking for a targeted spot treatment that contains at least two percent salicylic acid.

"Personally I use a product either by Kiehls or The Ordinary depending on what's available to me."

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