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Is someone orbiting you? How you can handle this

 Remember you are in charge of the information you share on social media (Image: Shutterstock)

With technological advancements comes new inventions and social media has been one of the best so far. Social media has made the world a small village, helping people from all over the world connect and keep in touch.

However, like a double aged sword, it has also made friendships and romantic relationships harder to navigate. Millennials are currently facing new age problems from being ghosted, haunted and even submarined.

The newest phenomena most people are currently dealing with on social media is orbiting. This is very common especially amongst couples who have broken up and still want to keep tabs on each other, this habit may seem harmless until it isn’t.  

While most orbiters may seem innocent and even go unnoticed, others may go as far as commenting on photos and let you know they follow your life which could come out as creepy. And even though not all orbiters are threats it may still be uncomfortable knowing someone is watching you.

If you think someone may be watching your life too closely for no particular reason and this needs to stop, here are some ways you can handle them:

Remember you are in charge

Before people start making you uncomfortable in your own space remember you are the one giving them that power. They are only following your life because you let them and how you choose to handle your life and information should not be determined by stalkers or people keeping tabs on you for no particular reason.

Confront them mindfully

If the person orbiting your life is a person you know and can talk to, you could get in touch with them personally away from the public domain and let them know how you feel. However, confrontation will only work if you personally know the person, if they are strangers this method may not be as effective.

 Be careful on how you represent yourself online (Image: Shutterstock)
Utilize social media privacy tools

If you can’t stop them block them. You should not be scared of blocking or hiding your content from people that are infringing in your privacy. If it makes you uncomfortable, that’s what it is, nothing can sugarcoat bad behavior. Blocking and limiting what people can see will only work if you know the people orbiting you.

Report the orbiters

If you have tried handling the predators yourself and they still come at you, report them to the various website authorities and let them fight for you. Take full advantage of the recommendations they may give in handling unwanted people orbiting your life.

Be careful how you represent yourself

What you share online should not be dictated by those who follow you or limited to what people consider okay, however you should be careful on the kind of message you are sending out to the world. Your intentions may be misconstrued to mean something else which always leads to unwanted attention or stalking.

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