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Should friends snitch on cheating partners?

To tell or not to tell is the biggest dilemma friends encounter when matters of cheating are concerned. As a friend where do you stand?
By Esther Muchene 11h ago
Every woman has a different method for managing her period while Aunt Flow is in town, but if you use tampons, there are few things you need to stop doing to prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)
By Esther Muchene Aug. 16, 2022
The common STDs that we hear about are gonorrhoea, herpes, cancroid and chlamydia, but there are others that aren’t commonly known which you still need to be aware of
By Esther Muchene Aug. 16, 2022
If you’ve already turned 30, congratulations! If you haven’t, here are some things you should be working on before the big three zero
By Esther Muchene Aug. 16, 2022
In Africa, the stigma around mental challenges makes it almost impossible to open up to anyone or seek help, especially in relationships
By Esther Muchene Aug. 16, 2022
Getting a man and keeping him are two different things, and you should be aware of the possible reasons why your relationships aren’t lasting
By Esther Muchene Aug. 15, 2022
Although many women get this infection at least once in their lives, there is a percentage that struggles with a chronic form of infection
By Esther Muchene Aug. 15, 2022
When it comes to bad sugars like the ones added to sodas and doughnuts, we should be very careful
By Esther Muchene Aug. 15, 2022
‘The makeup-no makeup’ look is the ultimate go-to now and it has officially become a classic
By Esther Muchene Aug. 13, 2022
It is approximated that 30–50 per cent of pregnancies are unplanned. In Kenya, it is estimated that 41 per cent of unintended pregnancies end up in abortion
By Nancy Nzalambi Aug. 13, 2022
I think my husband is about to accuse me of having an affair! I am not of course, or I would be panicking, but even so, I do not know how to react if he confronts me
By Chris Hart Aug. 13, 2022
My husband and I had a terrible fight the other day, we even hit one another. And I started it all! I am scared that one day it will happen again. What do you advise?
By Chris Hart Aug. 13, 2022