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Six signs you are a bad friend


At one point in our lives, we will end up being a bad friend or encounter one. This is because, like relationships, friendships can get too comfortable over time. Good working friendships are hard work and all parties involved have to give and take. In an ideal world, a good friendship will require all those involved, to be honest, supportive and respectful.

But sometimes that is not always the case.

We all have those friends who are there one minute then go ghost the next. They only come around when it is convenient for them or when in need.

Following through with the elements that make one a good friend is easier said than done. To determine whether you’re a bad friend or have a fake friend, if any of these signs apply to you then you need to make cuts or step up your game.

You’re always late

We all have busy schedules and we sometimes shut down and crawl back into our own cocoons. This is fine. But always arriving late when you have something planned out with your friends, you’re conveying the message that your friends time is less valuable than yours. Your tardiness actually devalues the other person and eventually, they will stop counting on you.

You never show up

If you’re never there when your friends need you soon you will have no friends. No matter how boring or many baby showers, weddings or drink outs your friends have, it is important to attend and show your support. This is part of the job. Keep that habit longer and they will stop inviting you to anything.

Never present

In this day and age of social media and smartphones, there’s nothing worse than trying to have a conversation with someone who is glued to their phones replying messages or taking selfies. If you can’t look up for five minutes then don’t bother showing up. Your friends deserve your full undivided attention. Value their time and presence.




 Your relationships interfere with your friendships

Are you the type of friend who goes ghost when you start dating? While it is normal to want to spend every free moment with your new catch, remember your friends were there before him or her and they will be there to help you pick up the pieces if things don’t work out.

Always Broke

In all honesty, no one wants to be friends with a mooch. If you’re those friends who always disappear when the bill comes or act clueless, they will soon get tired of your antics and they will take it as a sign you are using them.

You can’t be trusted

Trust can make or break a friendship. Your friends should be comfortable enough to share with you confidential information that won’t become subject of conversation outside those who are in the know. A good friend should take your secret to the grave no matter how juicy it is.

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