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Millennial mums on parenting

 Millennial mums on parenting (Photo: iStock)

A child’s morals and development are determined by the kind of arenas they have to gather information. 

“Most times when something is eating me up, I tend to just keep it to myself, which is not right in some instances. I don't blame my parents because I'm pretty sure they got it from their parents and hence passed it down unknowingly,” says Vivian Kendra.

Young parents nowadays have decided to break from this kind of approach and raise their children differently.

“I want my future my daughter and son to have the freedom to communicate openly, especially with their father and me,” says Kendra.

Diana Maina, another young mum seconds Kendra’s comment. She wishes to bridge that gap between a child and a mother.

“I want my son to be my best friend. Whenever he feels like talking about personal issues, including relationships, I want him to think of me first. We can watch ball and go clubbing together,” says Daina.

But some mothers might find Diana’s point of going to clubs with her child as a breach of boundaries. However, Diana says this will only strengthen their bond, and her children will still respect her as a mum.

In an African setting, many believe parents are never wrong. However, they are human too.

Kendra wishes to change that line of thought.

“I want my children to be honest with us. Like if we do something wrong to them, they should let us know.”

Diana wishes to make her son understand where they stand in terms of finances, explaining why they cannot afford what they don’t have.

“I will teach him to appreciate what we have and to be content. Whenever we have extra, we shall go out and create memories, laugh, and bring joy to one another.”

“As a young mum to a boy I want him to learn about gender equality and equity. I will teach him to be a good cook, clean and organised," she says.

Violet Kariuki says she will teach her child to be like the father, a positive and hardworking man.

“I would like my son to always embrace the positives in his life no matter how hard the situation gets,” says Violet.

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