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My daughter is in love with her teacher

Lady Speak
 Photo : Quotesgram

Every year when my daughter moves to a new class, I have a usual prime worry; her new class teacher. This year, she was moving to Class Two and I was eager to see her teacher and whether she would like her. A class teacher, if you are not aware, determines a lot. She can determine your child’s defining moment for that year. The good news is Tasha likes her teacher. It is going to be a fantastic year.

Last year, my daughter did not like her teacher at all. It was so bad I was tempted to transfer her to another school. She would mess her clothes and her hand writing, which was remarkably good, degenerated and she did not look forward to school. It was a year full of drama and tantrums.

Now this year, Christmas has come early thanks to Teacher Purity. Teacher Purity is as pure as her name. She is as gentle as a dove with such an angelic spirit; it’s hard not to like her. And with a good teacher, comes positive development in a child. Here are the changes I love in my daughter which have been triggered by teacher Nice in these few weeks’ school has been on:

Early bird: Previously, mornings were like a battle scene because I had to force Tasha to hurry up as she prepares for school. I had to drag her out of bed, force her to take breakfast and literally drag her to school. But of late, our mornings are a party. She wakes up early, prepares in record speed just so that she can dash to school to be with Teacher Purity.

She’s happy and alive: Gone is the grumpy kid always in a nasty mood forever complaining about everything in school. Now baby girl is super happy and alive. She enjoys school and school work and is always talking about what they did at school when she comes back home.

She’s a responsible ‘adult’: When she had teacher Nasty, it even reflected on her mannerisms. She was careless and forgetful never coming home with basics like her sweater, her lunchbox, socks... But now things are different. She never forgets even her water bottle at school, she makes her bed, helps in the kitchen, and her character is admirable.

Her diary is full of compliments: The diary is the mode of communication between the teacher and the parent. With her nasty teacher, her diary was always full of negative reports. One time, she poured water in another child’s lunchbox, another time she threw another kid’s text book in the toilet. It was one unruly act after another. But now, thanks to Teacher Purity, the glowing tributes can’t stop coming. The other day, the teacher was just complementing her for going out of her way to share her snacks with those who did not have anything. She’s always volunteering to clean the blackboard, the teacher’s chair and desk, and she’s unbelievably well behaved.

She finishes her homework in school: During the days of teacher Nasty, not even classwork was finished. Finishing her classwork was a such a big problem she had to finish it at home. But now, she finishes both the classwork and homework in school. Hail teacher Purity!


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