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Post-sex cramps: what causes the pain and what to do

 Cramps after sex are experienced by both men and women and it can happen for many reasons [Courtesy]

Generally, sex should be an enjoyable experience. It’s something that can cause our bodies to react a certain way and that is why we are to maintain high levels of hygiene and pay attention to post-sex routines like peeing to help clear out any bacteria.

After sex, specifically, our bodies can go through some changes. And for some people, this comes in the form of post-sex cramps.

Cramps after sex are experienced by both men and women and it can happen for many reasons. If you’ve ever experienced this after sex, these are some of the reasons why they occur and here is what you can do about it.


Sex can be a very physically draining activity. It’s like a tough workout and as you reach the big ‘O’, there is a lot that goes on internally. The muscle rhythms that occur during an orgasm can sometimes cause some cramping.

The cramps are usually temporary and most of the time, they are harmless.

Strenuous positions

Sometimes these cramps can come as a result of too much straining during sex. You might get over excited to try some interesting positions that can twist your muscles in an awkward way and that can lead to temporary cramps after sex.

It can also happen if the penetration was too deep. If areas like the cervix are hit in an uncomfortable way, it can cause some pain.

 Sometimes these cramps can come as a result of too much straining during sex [Courtesy]
IUD birth control

Intrauterine devices are one of the most popular forms of birth control methods. They are effective, easier to keep up with and the procedure is reversible which makes it ideal if you want to have kids later in life.

A common side effect that can be experienced weeks after getting an IUD are cramps. They can come after sex but after a while, your body readjusts itself.


Sexually transmitted infections can come with different symptoms including the usual discharge and cramps. It can happen with infections like gonorrhea, chlamydia and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease which advances from STIs.

These infections can cause inflammation and discomfort which will then lead to some irritations including cramps after sex.

Medical conditions

Medical conditions like fibroids and endometriosis are also big culprits of post-sex cramps. In men, there are conditions like prostatitis, which trigger inflammation of the prostate and lead to cramps after sex.

Sometimes cramps can also be connected to bowel problems like irritable bowel syndrome.

What to do:

If the cramps are coming up as a result of normal muscle rhythms like an orgasm, you can let the cramps go away on their own. But if the pain is causing major discomfort, you can also buy some over the counter painkillers or apply heat to the area using a hot water bottle.

In case you notice that the pain is getting gradually worse, you should get checked by your gynecologist.

It’s also important to go for testing if you’re suspecting you might have an STI or any other infection so that you can get proper treatment right away.

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