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Five main reasons why men love women with small waists


Men have been for the longest time described as visual beings. Men are essentially attracted to what we see. Arguably, any woman can get the man they want simply by ‘modifying’ their looks.

In fact, science shows that men are highly attracted to women with good curves.

Scottish researchers found that the slimmer a woman's waist, the more satisfied her partner and the less likely he is to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Is that the only reason?

1. Good fertility

Wide hips are a sexually dimorphic trait. During puberty, women’s hipbones widen to facilitate childbirth. Hips don’t lie - wide hips in a woman are a strong signifier to men that she’s a mature adult who’s very much capable of reproduction. (She can push out little critters with ease.)

2. Men love high estrogen

Estrogen, the female hormone, dictates fat storage in women. High estrogen levels in the female body often mean that fat will congregate around the breasts, the hips, and ass - NOT the stomach.

So, when men see a woman with a bit of a gut - she’s telling us “My estrogen levels are not very high” - men love high estrogen, so she’s not going to be a big hit with the lads. If you have a big belly, we’re not going to find you as attractive as we would if you had a slim waist. DUH.

Testosterone, the male hormone, dictates fat storage on the stomach. That’s why you don’t see many women with beer guts.

3. Women with small waists are submissive

Men have always been the dominant sex - men’s largely superior upper-body strength has made any other balance of power impossible.

This fact is, despite it seeming that way on first glance, not a disadvantage to women. In fact, women wouldn’t have it any other way. Women on the whole, although many may be afraid to admit it in this current feminist climate of thought-policing, find dominant men more attractive than their meeker counterparts.

They don’t like feeling “above” their men. This is evident in the fact that women tend to want to marry partners who make more money than they do.

4. They’re easy to carry

Another good reason why men fancy women with small waists and find them lovelier is because they’re more lightweight and can be move around quickly and easily.

As far as short women are concerned, you’d really love to carry them in your arms and take them into the bedroom or place them on the couch without feeling tired. Small women can fit in snugly and make selves comfy just about anywhere that further augments their attractiveness.

5. It’s easy to wrap your arms around them

Their tiny waist makes it easy for us to completely wrap our arms around them. Guys just like to often display affection by grabbing their lovers by the waist and picking them up for a kiss. Moreover, sometimes one arm is enough to wrap around their petite partners and even pick them up during the hug.

Lightweight and smaller built can actually encourage the guy to try and attempt picking his partner up and leaves him feeling like he won a trophy. It’s even easier to give a piggyback ride to short girls who just fit perfectly on their backs.

If you got the chance to ask God one question, what would it be?

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