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Did you know the tip of your nose can cause orgasm?

 Sex was meant for procreation but the problems begin when it is turned into a recreational pastime (Image: Shutterstock)

Sex was predesigned for procreation. Problems started when it was turned into a sort of recreational pastime with stories of conquest worsening performance anxieties on mostly men who doubt themselves, according to sexologist Maurice Matheka.

Performance anxiety for men range from worrying about the size of their member, duration of sessions and whether there were better studs before but Matheka argues that most men are oblivious to the fact that “the vagina responds to stimulation and not love.”

The sex expert further explains that the pressure of trying to satisfy someone beats the logic as sex was not designed to satisfy either gender.

“The man is just designed to ejaculate and with that, some neurochemicals in the brain are released and they cause pleasure, on the other hand, the woman vagina was not always designed to have pleasure and that’s why almost 90 per cent of women do not have orgasms,” offers Matheka adding that the pressure of their performance being judged against others is what leads to anxiety.

The size of manhood is another issue as those with toothpick sizes might develop low self-esteem issues and matters don’t get better with most women looking down upon them but Matheka reassures “It’s never really about size” which can be sorted the way men from Asia who have smaller members “but they came up with Kamasutra to satisfy their partners.”

Matheka goes on to say that “any length can satisfy a woman as when it comes to sex a penis does not satisfy a woman but it’s the stimulus that the vagina gets from the penis, which has more guts that stimulate the walls giving the woman pleasure.”

Among other ways of arousing it include toys, fingers, the tongue, even the tip of your nose if you rub it on tip of a woman’s urethra can make her have an orgasm.”

Matheka says people believe love conquers everything, but it doesn’t conquer the vagina and the problem is that “we apply too many emotions in sex that’s why people don’t enjoy sex which in Kenya relies on the penis and the reason most men skip foreplay to penis play” but “if men understood how the vagina is conditioned to react, there will be less sexual anxiety.

Matheka concludes by saying that most men think loving a woman has to go hand in hand with sexual prowess but in reality “there is no amount of love that will make women have an orgasm. One will have an orgasm because their vagina was designed to or had a sexual stimulus.”

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